About Us

Scenic Colorado is a network of concerned citizens and organizations
striving to protect our heritage and shape our future in America the
Beautiful. Our focus is unique, timely and crucial. Your interest and
support are important and essential.


Scenic Colorado is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the visual
environment and aesthetic character of the communities and countryside
of Colorado.


The main objectives of Scenic Colorado are to:

  • Foster greater commitments for visual environments
  • Protect scenic open spaces and viewsheds
  • Encourage attractive community designs, gardens and parks
  • Design and manage highways and byways for urban and rural beautification


Scenic Colorado pursues its mission and objectives through collaborative strategies:

  • Conduct research to document needs, solutions and progress
  • Educate citizens and organizations through publications, programs and public outreach
  • Stimulate private and public outreach, initiatives and partnerships
  • Secure legislative protections and regulatory compliance

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