Great News!

On this past Monday the Denver City Council unanimously banned new LED billboards in the city.

Many concerned residents testified at the public hearing in support of the move to ban new LED billboards, and Scenic Colorado board members Miles Davies and Larry Barrett testified to the safety and aesthetic issues posed by these billboards.

When it came time to vote, four of the members voiced support for the LED ban in particular. Another four spoke in favor of the provisions to clean up the confusion in the existing code. These technical changes to the code is what the billboard industry representatives focused on and did not address the ban of LEDs. Several council members obtained assurances that the changes in the code would not result in turning nonconforming into conforming billboards and would not allow nonconforming billboards to be increased in size.

Scenic Colorado wishes to extend its heart-felt appreciation and gratitude to all of the members of the Denver City Council for their thoughtful consideration of and support for, the health and safety of the general public and for the the preservation of what we all know to be Colorful Colorado!

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